Places to See

Meenaksh Temple
  • The Meenakshi Temple is rich in history and tradition. Goddess Meenakshi is the presiding deity with her consort, Lord Sundareswarar another coronation of Lord Siva . The temple’s imposing seize and scale are breath taking. The Original temple was probably a modest seized structure but has grown over the centuries. To day, it extends over a area of 65,000 sq. Mt.
  • The four artistic and soaring towers (Gopuram) over the entrance dominates the Madurai sky lines. Jatavarman Sundra Pandian built the eastern Gopuram in 13 th century. This is said to be the oldest gopura and can be found in opposite to Sundareswarar Sannthi. The Southern Gopuram is the tallest gopuram enriched with 1513 sculptures and was built in the 16th century.
  • It is worth to see Lord Shiva who is blowing cosmic rays on devotees like lord viswanth of Varanashi. There are only two temples in India where in Lord Shiva bestows his devotees with his cosmic rays. One is Lord Viswanth of Varanshi and another one is Lord Sundareswarar of Madurai.
  • We can see the Lord Natraj in a silver shrine of different pose of changing his legs in his cosmic dance.
  • The High light of the temple is its 1000 pillar Mandap.
  • There is a historic tank inside the temple where in a lotus made of pure gold is floating. This tank is well quoted in Lord Sundareswarar’s 64 leelas.
  • There is 6 music pillars inside the temple. This pillars are carved with music nodes where in we can get different music notes on a single pillar.
  • The most auspicious day in every year is Thirukalyanam when the Godess Meenakshi weds Lord Sundareswarar. Alagar the avathar of Lord Vishnu who is also own brother of Goddess Meenakshi attends the wedding from his royal residence at Alagar Koil . The chitrai festival is celebrated in April and May every year attracts millions of devotees.
Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal This palace was built in the early part of the 16t century. A sound and light show brings Madurai’s most popular king, Thirumali Nayakkar’s life. It is also worth to admire the sheer magnificence of it’s doom which stands firm with out any support what so ever.There are many pillars built with mortar and brick in a grand seize. This is the major attraction.
Gandhi Museum This museum is within the reach of 3 KM from Samaj. The museum is the first of it’s kind of whole India. The museum is formerly the summer palace of Rani Mangammal. The museum is dedicated to spreading the teaching of Mahatma Gandhiji. The books on Gandhian thought and philosopy are available at the Museum. There is lot of photographs and articles used by Gandhji. It is surprise to see the towel worn by Gandhiji at the time of his assassination.
Mariamman Teppakulam This teppakulam is three kilo metres form Samaj. This Teppakuam was buit by Thirumali Nayakkar king of Madurai in mid 17 th century. The total circumvent of this teppakulam is 2.5. K,M. Every year during the month of January there will be a float festival. Lord Sundareswarma dn Goddess Meenakshi from Madurai will have the this float function. On the Banks of the teppakulam there is a age old temple for Goddess Mariamman.
Tirupparan Kundram This is one among the six royal abodes lord kathikeya and situated in 8 kM to the south of Madurai. The sanctum sanctorum has been cut out of a single solid rock. Lord Kathikeaya weds Goddess Deivanai at this temple. It is strange to see five santhi in a single roof. i.e. Sannthi for Lord Vjshnu, Lord Siva, Lord Ganesa. And Goddess Gurga besides Lord Kathikeya. The entrance is well designed as a chariot pulled by two horses. During the month of March every year (Panguni) there will be a marriage festival of Lord Kathikeya which attracts millions of devotees all over the world. It is noteworthy to see many stone carvings made in some centuries ago.
Azhagar Koil It is situated 21 KM to north west of Madurai. This ancient shrine is at the foot steps of Alagar Hills. A note worthy feature of the temple is it’s eloquently stone carved ornamental windows and instrigate wood carvings. Atop of the hillock there is a fomous shrine dedicated to Lord Kathikeya which is also one of his six abodes. At the top of the hill amidst of forest there is one small falls called Nubura Ganga. It’s water is as sacred as Holy Ganga Water.